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Those Arkansaw Bumkins with The Oinky Boinky Machine and Elmo Frumpkin

The reviews are coming in: “Eloquent and incisive,” “pungently funny,” “witty and unforgettable,” “wickedly funny,” “righteously risqué,” “ultra-imaginative,” and “deliciously descriptive.”

These three short satires cement Preston Coleman’s place as the freshest, most irreverent voice in American politics. On the heels of The Lost Gospel of Donald, this compilation adds a short, sharp left to the knockout blow landed so squarely to the right in that controversial work.

What The Lost Gospel of Donald does to Mr. Trump, Those Arkansaw Bumkins did to Mr. and Ms. Clinton two decades ago. Subtitled A Gremlin in His Goober, this filthy fairy tale follows the administration of Co-Presidents Billy Bumkin and his wife, Hilda Hamrod, as they preside over the White Castle. With a mischievous gremlin residing below his belt, Billy’s leftward bend is inevitably exposed in a scene never to be forgotten.

The Oinky Boinky Machine features Jonathan Livingston Ostrich, an earthbound bird who longs to fly, as he’s swept up in a plot to overturn the tyranny of the marauding machine that has gooped up all the good ostrich holes, leaving the poor birds with only one “hole” to inhabit. When the machine kills his ma, Jonathan vows revenge, and with some humanoid help, he gets it. The fable ends with a historical flight…or is it just a flight of fancy?

Elmo Frumpkin finds himself snatched from an idyllic life as a forest hermit and thrown into a rather criminal justice system. Along with his crossdressing black cellmate, Hannibal Purdy, Elmo escapes down the Passahoochee River on a crude log raft. Their adventures span revivals and wrestling matches, gators and golfers, a military invasion and a presidential campaign—and reunions galore, the last of which would have Mr. Twain grinning in his grave.

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