Russian Roulette Goes Viral–Come Join Us in Tulsa!

Come one, come all! Be a part of HISTORY in the greatest game of RUSSIAN ROULETTE ever played!

The committed to re-elect the president (creep) invites YOU to the BOK Center in beautiful downtown TULSA, OKLAHOMA, on Saturday, June 20, for a celebration of FREEDOM and President DONALD J. TRUMP!!!

THRILLS! CHILLS! HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE PILLS! The world has never seen anything like it!

Bring the kids! Bring grandma and grandpa! They may never see anything like this again!

Masks are for PUSSIES! So grab one, douse it in hand sanitizer, and come on down for a pre-rally BONFIRE of the VERITIES where we BURN Dr. Anthony Fauci in effigy!

And don’t worry about being required to sign the pre-rally liability waiver…it’s just a legal formality in case you contract the virus at the rally. But what are the chances of that?

President Trump says, “I’m not worried” about infecting only a very small percentage.” So don’t you worry, either.

Don’t have the guts to come? That’s okay. Stay home with the lily-livered libs and demonic Dems.

It’s not like we’re putting a gun to your head!

Image by Zedorwin

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