200,000 Descend on Washington “Just Inspecting” White House

As many as 200,000 people descended on northwest Washington, DC, yesterday, each and every one insisting they were “just inspecting” the White House and the 2-mile long security fence that now surrounds it.

“I was, you know, just doing an inspection,” claimed one member of a crowd in LaFayette Square overlooking the White House.

“Yeah, uh, me, too,” added another. “Just inspecting, that’s all.”

Formal and informal polls and interviews could not uncover a single person in the area who wasn’t there for an inspection.

The Guinness Book of World Records certified this as the most massive gathering of house inspectors ever assembled.

With another 150 million Americans scheduled to inspect the People’s House in coming months, final results aren’t expected until November 3.


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