Voice of Ronald Reagan Heard Above Rose Garden Saying, “Mr. President: Tear. Down. This. Fence.”

The voice of Ronald Reagan was heard by multiple witnesses above the Rose Garden on Friday, saying, “Mr. President: Tear. Down. This. Fence,” an apparent reference to a massive security fence now encircling the White House in the wake of growing protests.

The incident occurred just as President Trump had completed a rambling speech (video) in what was supposed to be a press briefing after a bill signing. The president refused to answer any questions, however, though he did draw widespread condemnation for awkwardly invoking the name of murder victim George Floyd.

President Trump insisted that he didn’t hear the voice, and if he did, the voice wasn’t really Reagan’s but was “…a dirty trick by Joe BI-den, Dirty Joe BI-den. They used a ventriloquist or something, I dunno, a good ventriloquist could probably do that, I’m sure a good ventriloquist could do that. Anyone can hire a dirty trickster, anyone can hire a ventriloquist. I’ve hired plenty, believe me.”

Trump advisor and convicted dirty trickster Roger Stone couldn’t be reached for comment as he awaits his 40-month prison sentence and a pardon from the president.


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