Winner of MAGA Anthem Contest Unveiled at Mask Factory–“Live and Let Die”

The winner of a contest to choose the official anthem of the MAGA movement was unveiled yesterday as President Donald Trump toured a mask factory without wearing a mask.

Guns N Roses’ cover of Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die” blared through the PA system at the Honeywell factory in Phoenix where N95 protective masks are manufactured for the federal government. The masks provide protection for both the wearer and those in his or her vicinity.

Apparently, neither Trump nor Vice President Mike Pence, who toured the Mayo Clinic last week without a mask, feel the need to follow safety guidelines to protect others, though every precaution is taken to protect them. Trump insists that no one is allowed to travel with him unless they’ve tested negative for the Covid-19 virus, saying that otherwise, “they wouldn’t be allowed  to travel with me.”

An anonymous White House source called “Live and Let Die,” which bested “Sympathy for the Devil” in the contest, the “perfect anthem” for the Trump administration, citing a long list of life-threatening actions that include: withdrawing from the Paris climate change agreement, withholding funds from hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, separating families at the US-Mexico border, dismantling the pandemic response team, withholding funds from the World Health Organization, and regularly proposing budget cuts for education, environmental protection, disaster relief, public health, and foreign aid to developing countries.

“Haven’t you been paying attention?” the source asked. “I guess sometimes it takes a crisis to bring things into focus.”

Image by Gunner Gus

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