Trump Doubles Down on Scarf Claim with MyPillow Mask

Despite drawing criticism from medical experts after claiming that scarves may be better than surgical masks in protecting people from Covid19, President Donald Trump recently added a questionable new weapon to his arsenal against the virus.

In his press conference on Wednesday, April 1, Trump responded to worries over dwindling supplies of the masks by saying, “In many cases the scarf is better; it’s thicker. I mean you can — depending on the material, it’s thicker.”

The CDC and members of Trump’s own coronavirus task force were quick to point out that scarves and bandanas should be used only as a last resort when masks are not available.

Last night at the White House,  Jared Kushner unveiled the president’s latest anti-viral technology: a MyPillow strapped to the head with rubber bands.

“MyPillow is significantly thicker than a mask or a scarf,” Kushner explained. “We recommend that every American loyal to the president create a stockpile of MyPillows and bury their heads in them so we can smother this threat to our great country once and for all.”

Photo copyright Gage Skidmore


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